Originally heralding from Sydney, Australia, Jack's trademark style involves neonizing a combination of live action video recording and public domain material, particularly cartoons. Neonizing is a complex computer-based technique that renders the lines of an image like a neon sign. Feldstein describes neon animation as a deconstructionist, post-modern animation filmmaking style that utilises appropriation and pop art techniques, in a Warhol meets Vegas look.

His rambling seemingly make-it-up-as-you-go-along, stream of consciousness monologue narratives have been likened to Woody Allen and Spalding Gray, but with an Australian twist.

Feldstein was a scriptwriter for many years before he woke up one morning and began making neon films.

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Above: New York Fashion Week 2012: A 3D Fashion Film collaboration between designer Norma Kamali and Jack.